Case Studies

Macadamian- Extended Product Development Team: Client had an existing team of 30 people in North America responsible for feature enhancement, performance improvement and regular maintenance of an Aircraft Maintenance Product. The client wished to gain cost efficiencies provided by offshore development without compromising with the control and quality. Appulse worked along with the client to come up with an engagement model that seamlessly integrated Appulse offshore team with the existing North America based product development team. Read more..

Image Stream Medical is Medical Devices and Software company focussed on providing Image Management solutions for the  hospital based OR and Outpatient clinical marketplace. They partnered with Appulse in building their next generation software products and maintaining the existing product portfolio. Read More..

Pricer AB is the largest ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels) company in the world which delivers eletronic pricing and display solutions to leading retailers like Metro, Carrefour, Ahold and others. Appulse’s relationship with Pricer started with a couple of migration projects and Business Study. Impressed with Appulse’s lightweight processes, best practices in product development, maturity, technical capability and delivery excellence, Pricer decided to formalize its relationship with Appulse through a dedicated offshore development center (ODC). Soon, Appulse started a new phase in the relationship by winning projects on the development of next generation products for Pricer. Since the start of relationship in 2003 Appulse has managed more than 30 product releases for different Pricer products. Read More..

Web 2.0 has redefined the way the world was using web. With the advent of social networks, video and music sharing sites, new business models have emerged. Appulse has been working with lot of Web 2.0 companies since 2004 and has helped them in building their products better and reaching to market faster. Read More..

C/C++ has been one of the core strength of Appulse since inception. With expertise in C/C++, VC++, Web Services, High Volume databases, device drivers, Network Programming and more, Appulse has been helping devices and software companies in building their software products, and enhancing existing softwares. Read More..

Cloud Computing has evolved from being a buzzword to becoming one of the most exciting concepts in Information Technology (IT). To read more about our research on how can you select a cloud computing provider, and evaluate them as per your needs, download our whitepaper Choosing a Cloud Computing Provider.

In addition to above, Appulse has also done the following work for its clients.

Microsoft Technologies

  • Built a Video Conferencing System using WPF, WCF, and Windows Services.
  • Ported a C++ based product from Windows to Macintosh.
  • Built a web portal for booking advertisements online, which would output to Adobe Indesign and Quark Express.
  • Developed a VB.NET and ASP.NET based CRM system.
  • Custom ERP Module developed for a Fortune 500 company.

Java/J2EE Technologies

  • Built a complete ecommerce portal using J2EE stack for a Fortune 1000 company.
  • Re-engineered a C++ product to Java/J2EE with improved architecture and 200% improvement in performance.
  • Maintaining a very large J2EE based aircraft maintenance systems.
  • Integrated ticketing portal and mobile VAS portal with an electronic distribution and payment network running over a telephony device.
  • Online Travel Portal for US Startup

Web Solutions

  • Re-engineered a travel social network by moving it to PHP/Zend framework.
  • Booking engine development for a travel portal.
  • Maintenance and Ongoing feature enhancements for a RoR based online communication software.
  • Developed a social networking portal from scratch that involve video streaming, user management and video sharing.
  • Internet Marketing – SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing.

Video Processing and Playback

  • Developed a custom protocol to synchronize data transfers for smooth video playback.
  • Control a variety of video hardware include streamers, decoders and PZT camera.
  • Cache management to reduce network traffic during file playback and to improve product response.
  • Parsed MPEG files to extract metadata to provide user with a seamless experience while seeking into the video.


  • Complete Client/Server based security solution to view IP cameras, and web cameras on mobile devices.
  • External (Gtalk, AOL) IM Integration along with Server based IM (Jabber) support.
  • Complete Integration with social networks (Facebook youtube, Orkut, Flickr and more).
  • Integration with the enterprise ERP and CRM Systems with access control.

Embedded and Devices

  • ESL Management and price change management, Evolving Hardware Specifications, Varying needs for global markets.
  • Discovered Patent on the workflow of displaying Image and Prices on Dot Matrix Display, Transmitting large amount of data over low throughput IR channel.
  • Created printer drivers for a thermal printer on HP-UX and Linux.
  • Server side development for POS and mobile VAS.
  • Built a low cost video wall that would allow nurses in the nurse’s station to monitor video feeds from multiple operating rooms.

Testing and QA

  • Test Automation using QTP and Business Process Testing (BPT) for a complex point of sale software being used by Tier 1 retailers worldwide.
  • Web Testing for a web 2.0 communication platform.
  • End-to-End testing and release for an electronic shelf label management product.

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