Product Portfolio Management

Software product companies are challenged today in getting the best value out of their long-standing products in the face of continuously changing technologies and business scenarios.  Technology innovations are transforming the manner of doing business. These technology change waves and consumer preferences associated with them create multiple challenges and opportunities for ISVs and software product companies.

Every product has its own life-cycle, and in an attempt to ensure longevity product companies often find the need to re-build the existing architecture of a product to facilitate new changes, migrate to or add new platforms, enable support to new hardware and performance tune the product.

Appulse’s Product Portfolio Management Managed Services cover areas like product market strategy and product platform planning. The service model has been extended to newer areas like SAAS and Web 2.0 enablement of existing products.

Our Product Portfolio Management Services include:

  • Platform Modernization
  • Mobile Enablement
  • SaaS Enablement
  • Web 2.0 Enablement
  • Re-architecting to support open source to reduce license cost
  • Product Migration and Porting
  • Product Localization and Globalization

For any help or to know more about best practices of Product Portfolio Management, Contact Us. We would be happy to share our experiences in working with a diverse range of ISVs.