Video Processing

Video Processing and Playback¬† have become a part of everyday life. Among routine applications of the compression technology by individuals and enterprises are streaming video on computers, the signal received by satellite receivers or DVD player, compressed video to train employees at their desks, video conference calls, Cell phone video and so on. Appulse’s expertise lies in building solutions for content generation, transformation, Digital Asset Management (DAM) and distribution / streaming over multiple channels.

Key Strength Areas

  • MPEG4, H.263, H.264
  • MP3, AAC
  • Streaming Servers, Mobile Streaming
  • WPF, Directshow, VLC
  • Video and Audio Codecs
  • Digital Archiving, Content Management Systems

Our Experience in Video Processing and Video Playback includes

  • Developed a custom protocol to synchronize data transfers for smooth video playback.
  • Control a variety of video hardware include streamers, decoders and PZT camera.
  • Cache management to reduce network traffic during file playback and to improve product response.
  • Parsed MPEG files to extract metadata to provide user with a seamless experience while seeking into the video.
  • MPEG4/Div X video players and recorders for Camcorders and Media Players.
  • Multiple node Videoconferencing.

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